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Ningxiang Xinyang Chemical Co., Ltd. has not set up subsidiaries or subsidiaries, nor authorized any units or individuals to produce and sell our products. All certificates and related certificates published on our company's website are limited to the company's external business. It is illegal and criminal to falsely use our company's name to produce and sell products. Our company will not bear the responsibility arising therefrom. Our company will also strictly investigate the legal liability of the relevant personnel. You are welcome to verify by phone calling or email.

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Ningxiang Xinyang Chemical Co., Ltd founded in 19 9 6, is a leading manufacturer of food additives, nutrition additives and electronic chemicals in China.                  

Latest News
Group Building Activities of Xi
Huitang Spring -15 July 2019

In order to enrich the staff's life, Xinyang Chemical Business Department organized a group building activity, which specifically invited the family members of each member to participate in the event.

Shanghai FIA Exhibition 2019
Shanghai -27 June 2019

The 21st China Exhibition of Healthy Natural Raw Materials and Food Ingredients (Hi & Fi Asia-China 2019) was successfully concluded in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

CPHI Madrid Exhibition 2018
Madrid, Spain -07 October 2018

On October 7, 2018, three of us set off for the annual European CPhI tour. The CPhI was held in Madrid, Spain, from 10.9 to 10.11. The trip started on October 7 and spanned two countries. Besides participating in the exhibition, it also visited important customers in Germany.

Exhibition information

Shanghai FIA Exhibition 2019


Read more Booth: 4.1H45-2
CPHI Madrid Exhibition 2018

Madrid, Spain

Read more Booth: 9D85
2017 CPHI in Shanghai


Read more Booth: E5A16

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