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Group Building Activities of Xinyang Chemical-Sales Department
Huitang Spring -15 July 2019

In order to enrich the staff's life, Xinyang Chemical Business Department organized a group building activity, which specifically invited the family members of each member to participate in the event.

Shanghai FIA Exhibition 2019
Shanghai -27 June 2019

The 21st China Exhibition of Healthy Natural Raw Materials and Food Ingredients (Hi & Fi Asia-China 2019) was successfully concluded in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

CPHI Madrid Exhibition 2018
Madrid, Spain -07 October 2018

On October 7, 2018, three of us set off for the annual European CPhI tour. The CPhI was held in Madrid, Spain, from 10.9 to 10.11. The trip started on October 7 and spanned two countries. Besides participating in the exhibition, it also visited important customers in Germany.

2017 CPHI in Shanghai
Shanghai, China -20 June 2017

CPhI has a strong brand appeal, condensing high-quality overseas buyers to cross-border procurement. The three-day exhibition will attract more than 15,000 overseas professional buyers from more than 120 international and regional markets. It is an excellent way for enterprises to open their doors and expand the international market. ​

The 20th Anniversary of Xinyang Chemical
Hunan,Zhangjiajie -21 October 2016

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Xinyang Chemical Industry, the company organized all staff to visit Zhangjiajie, a famous scenic spot in Hunan Province, and held celebrations.

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Shanghai FIA Exhibition 2019


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CPHI Madrid Exhibition 2018

Madrid, Spain

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2017 CPHI in Shanghai


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