Madrid, Spain, 07 October 2018

CPHI Madrid Exhibition 2018

On October 7, 2018, three of us set off for the annual European CPhI tour. The CPhI was held in Madrid, Spain, from 10.9 to 10.11. The trip started on October 7 and spanned two countries. Besides participating in the exhibition, it also visited important customers in Germany.

The first stop is Spain. As soon as they arrived in Spain, the four little partners began their busy exhibition, preparing for the upcoming three-day exhibition. Although our booth is not very big, it is the busiest one in our area. Thanks to the full preparation of the company's small partners in the early stage, we have been visiting a continuous stream of customers at this exhibition. The four small partners in the exhibition are also giving full play to their profession in the process of meeting with each customer, so that each meeting has a lot of fruits.

The scale and quality of European exhibitions are higher than those of Shanghai exhibitions, and there are more high-quality customers. This time, many unfamiliar customers stopped at our booth to communicate with each other about some products. There are also many valuable customers and information worth exploring.

The next three arrived in Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg is Germany's most important industrial city and trade center, but the first impression of this city is not the busy and noisy industrialization, but the trees and quiet and peaceful. Germans always give people a rigorous impression, but in the process of meeting customers, customers give the impression of enthusiasm and cheerfulness. The visit deepened the understanding and feelings of both sides and set the direction for future business development.