Madrid, Spain, 20 August 2018

CPHI Madrid Exhibition 2018

The 2018 World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials European Exhibition CPhI Worldwide Europe opened at the Madrid International Exhibition Center in Spain on October 9, local time. The exhibition, sponsored by UBM, is a well-known international brand exhibition in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials, as well as a professional exhibition in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates.

The exhibition tours between France, Germany and Spain every year and returns to Spain in 2018 for three days. CPhI World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, P-MEC Pharmaceutical Machinery, InnoPack Pharmaceutical Packaging Material and ICSE Contract Customization will be held at the same time to realize the integration of four exhibitions and become a global gathering of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to zero distance to understand the latest technology applications and product information, it also plays a trend in the development direction of the entire pharmaceutical industry. The role of the target.

Exhibition Center: Madrid International Exhibition Center
Booth number: 9D85
Date: 9-11 October